Richard Bandler Products

Richard Bandler actually started what was to become known as NLP long before it was called Neurolinguistic Programming and while most people who have even heard of Richard Bandler don't really know what's he's about and how he works.

There have been many, many discussions about Richard Bandler and his diverse and pragmatic approach to problem. His unique approaches and insatiable appetite for learning new things has enabled Richard Bandler to have a major impact on the field of human development for years and years to come. It may be, yet, another 50-100 years before his work is truly appreciated.

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Once Richard Bandler started to offer products as an adjunct to people learning at his seminars, he produced many, one of the first being The Personal Enhancement Series™.

He then went on to produce other products, some from his many seminars like: Design Human Engineering™, DHE, Hypnosis as an Application of NLP™, Persuasion Engineering™, an Intro to Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning™, DHE2000™, Melting Phobias, Wanton Motivation and more!!

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